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Infrastructure Caring Committee

Sr. No. Name Responsibility
1 Dr. D.S.Dhote 101-Principal Room, 118-Gents Toilet (Ground Floor)
2 Dr. P.B.Raghwanshi 112-Chemistry Department Staff Room and Notice Board, 114-Chemistry Laboratory I and Notice Board, 119-Chemistry Store Room 211 Chemistry Laboratory II and Notice Board
3 Mr. M.V.Patmase 104-Physics Department Staff Room, 103-Physics Laboratory and Notice Board, 102-Physics dark Room
4 Dr. G.D.Agrahari 204-Electronics Department Staff Room, 205-Electronic Laboratory II (A,B,C) B&C- ICT & LMS facility. 206- Electronic Laboratory-I
5 Mr. A.K.Shende 303-(Class Room LR-2) (ICT & LMS Facility)
6 Dr. Smt.S.R.Katke 115-Zoology Department Staff Room & Notice Board, 116-Zoology Laboratory and Notice Board
7 Dr. N.H.Shahare 213-Botany Laboratory/Staff Room/PG Class Room and Notice Board
8 Dr. [Ms] R.R.Laharia 315-Class Room -(LR-14)
9 Dr. S.G.Khobragade 120-Boys Lavatory (Behind Lib-building)
10 Dr. V.V.Vaidya 212- Department of Physical Education & Sports, Notice Board, 123-Flag hoisting Area, 126-Annual Social Gathering Stage, 201-Staff Room, 202-Auditorium, 003-Gym (Health Club), 408 Auditorium-temporary)
11 Dr. [Mrs] P.R.Agrawal 309-Department of Mathematics, Staff Room and Notice Board
12 Dr. N.J.Honrao 301-HoD Room Commerce & Management Department, 210-Women Staff Rest Room
13 Dr. S.J.Ishwarkar 416-Lecture Room (Digital Classroom with LMS Facility)
14 Dr. V.S.Tondre 106-Computer Department Staff Room, 105-Computer Laboratory I, 107-Computer Laboratory II, 108- Computer Laboratory III and Notice Board
15 Mr. H.G.Parlikar 403-Lecture Room (Digital Classroom with LMS Facility)
16 Mrs. M.A.Bhuptani 216-217,Lecture Room-(LR-19 &20) (ICT & LMS Facility)
17 Dr. S.S.Kuthe 313- Department of Statistics Staff Room and Laboratory and Notice Board
18 Ms. A.R.Bhumbar 406-Lecture Room, 417- Girls Lavatory
19 Mr. G.S.Bajaj 208-Biotechnology Laboratory I 209-Biotechnology Laboratory II 407-Lecture Room,124-Garden Lawn
20 Dr. S.R.Kadu 412-Lecture Room, 113-Girls Common Room
21 Dr. L.K.Joshi (Sharma) 405-Lecture Room (Digital Classroom with LMS Facility)
22 Dr. M.C.Golchha 404-Lecture Room (Digital Classroom with LMS Facility)
23 Dr. S.S.Boob (Mundhada) 410-Lecture Room (ICT & LMS Facility)
24 Mr. V.K.Panpalia 411-Lecture Room (ICT & LMS Facility)
25 Dr. M.M.Mahajan 415-Lecture Room (Digital Classroom with LMS Facility)
26 Dr. G.A.Raut 413-Lecture Room
27 Ms. V.V.Thakare 219- Girls Lavatory (Lib-building)
28 Mrs. N.S.Tawani 304-Lecture Room-(LR-3) (ICT & LMS Facility)
29 Ms. G.N.Shinde 305-Class Room -(LR-4) (ICT & LMS Facility)
30 Mr. K.M.Supatkar 121-Gents Staff Lavatory (Stair Case) 316-Class Room (LR-15) (ICT & LMS Facility)
31 Mr. K.K.Tiwari 414-Lecture Room, 419-Boys Lavatory,
32 Dr. S.P.Nibjiya 308-Class Room -(LR-7) (Commerce & Management Staff Room), 307-Class Room -(LR-6) (ICT & LMS Facility), 214- Girls Lavatory (Stair Case)
33 Dr. G.N.Daga 311-Class Room -(LR-10), 318- Boys Lavatory
34 Mrs. P.R.Mohata 312- Class Room -(LR-11)
35 Ms. S.R.Tiwari 320- Lecture Room-(LR-16) (Seminar Hall with ICT & LMS Facility), 321- Lecture Room-(LR-17) ( ICT & LMS Facility)
36 Mr. A.R.Gulalkari 409-Digital Classroom with ICT & LMS Facility 418- Gents Staff Lavatory
37 Mr. R.M.Bajaj 220- Boys Lavatory (Lib-building), 306-Class Room(LR-5) (ICT & LMS Facility)
38 Mr. S.M.Kurada 121-Librarian Room, 122-Reading Room, 004-Reading Room (Students Common Room)
39 Ms. A.M.Tembhre 207-B.Voc./ Language Lab./ E-Learning Room (Seminar Halls with ITC & LMS Facility)
40 Ms. M.R.Shingane 314-Class Room -(LR-13)